Saturday, April 19, 2008

Hot Docs

Hot Docs started for me today with Garbage: The Revolution Begins at Home.
I saw it at the Bloor Cinema which is my favourite theatre in Toronto. I'm so glad when they tore down all the rep theatres they left this one alone. Every time I go there I remember when I used to date the popcorn boy, he was 16, I was 18, and we made out in the "couples seat", which is a special theatre seat built for 2. Then I remember that was 11 years ago and I feel like I'm 100.

So the movie was good. It was about cutting down on your garbage, using less hydro, saving the environment. It was good. I think I already do a lot. I don't have a compost box in my apartment but I don't drive, I take a bike. I don't eat meat, which means I don't use fuel and energy raising crops for animals to eat so I can eat them. I walk to work. I recycle what I can. I learned a couple things, in the future I will be buying environmentally friendly dish detergent and laundry soap. But that's about it. It said not to leave your computer on all the time which isn't going to happen. The environment isn't up there on my list of priorities, I'm having no children to leave this crap to. I love animals, I want to save them all. I support gay causes, AIDS charities and I work about 15 hours a week for the Archives. I'm good.

Afterwards off to The Bike Clinic which advertises no judgment and good prices. Most bike shops in Toronto will give you crap for having a clunker but they didn't. I think of my bike like my car, you notice something wrong and hope it will go away for a while until you realize it doesn't. To me cycling is supposed to be free so I have a hard time spending money on my bike. So anyway, I left it out over the winter so now I need a new chain and my back gears need replacing as they've worn away, it was like that when I bought it. Estimate was $35 which is amazing, every other time I've gone to a bike store they want to replace half of it and it costs $150.

Because today was like the first nice day of the year and Monday is a TTC strike they had no time to fix it but I have an appointment for Wednesday night. Monday off to another Hot Doc screening.

Went to Canadian Tire on the way home, I knew there was 2 things I needed. I bought the converter to plug my stuff in while in Europe but forgot to get my keys cut! The converter was $22, is that good? Dunno.

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