Sunday, June 29, 2008

Saturday of Pride

Kind of hot but not death hot as that is being saved for tomorrow. When I got there I was a bit worked up with the huge crowd so I took a tranquilizer and then later remembered I hadn't eaten anything all day. So I spent the next 4 hours very relaxed but falling down occasionally.
Here's me with one of the Trojan condom men who looked like one of my ex's Ric Dejon.

Maybe it was him.
Next came the falling down so we watched a Burlesque act:

This boy on the right is why there are so many acronyms on LGBTTIQQ2S.

For the final part of the act the "Minister" gave into the "sin"

It was a good show overall. This one homeless guy spent like an hour preying to the "minister" until he took his clothes off:

The show ended with the Hidden Cameras who rocked and closed with a new song:

Braves Part II, Saturday

Today's game was not so hot. I was right behind the bullpen which was great:

And I had a super close proximity to Jeff Francoeur half the game (although pictures still look like crap):

And Tim Hudson was on the mound:

But the Braves still couldn't get it done. They had SO many opportunities to come back and couldn't pull the trigger. At the end of the 9th they left the bases loaded with Chipper Jones, whom I had been waiting to see for 3 years, on deck. Guy struck out, Chipper never came up, game over.
These are not the Braves of old.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Cats having a bath

This one is my favourite, he's thinking "I'm going to get you...."

I love cats.

Atlanta Braves Come To Town

Well, after a long 7 year wait the Atlanta Braves came back to Toronto and I was there, on the floor, in my Chipper Jones jersey on the third base side waiting to see him.
So he didn't play tonight.
I did get to see Frenchy and McCann and as usual my camera caught the action as if I was filming from Beruit:

Bobby Cox checking the lineup:

This is the best shot I could get of Frenchy:

I'm in right field tomorrow so I plan on getting better shots of him if I have to run out on the field myself. Here he is at bat:

The Braves winning:

So on the way home, the CN Tower was the colours of Pride:

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Cheap Queers & Boylesque

I went to one of the best shows I've ever seen last night at Buddies, Cheap Queers.
They had this guy from Boylesque TO (buy a ticket, I'll see you there!)

The best part was the event was hosted by Keith Cole who was HILARIOUS!
At the end of the show he was performing "Last Dance" by Donna Summer in drag and the guy above came up for a curtain call.
He lifted up his shirt as a tease and then motioned to Keith Cole, like "if you want to see more, show me some of yours" so Keith Cole undoes a strap on his dress.
The guy takes off his shirt and motions to Keith Cole to take off more. Keith removes his dress in one foul swoop and has nothing underneath and performed the rest of the song completley nude in a wig and makeup and heels. It was the funniest ending I've ever seen. The show continues tonight and tomorrow (but with different hosts :( ) GO!!!
MTV Canada was lit up with the Pride colours on my way home:

The CN Tower is too!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Union-worker Adam

Here's some pictures of my fighting the good fight for the union at work.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Kids on TV vs. Parkdale High

Went to see the Kids on TV play with the Parkdale High School string section.

It was pretty cool, everyone was smiling and having a great time. There were LOADS of people there crammed into a small space. Surprisingly they didn't play "Breakdance Hunx" or "Cockwolves" but the Aids Infested Faggot was there so I said hi.

John Barrowman

Went to see John Barrowman today for a meet and greet with the cast of How Do You Solve a Problem Like Maria?
John was signing a couple of autographs but when I got there he had to stop as the show was starting. Rats! So close!
So then there was a Q and A with Gavin Crawford, host of the show:

And afterward a song and interview with all the Maria's during which I moved over near John and spent the entire time swooning over him. I met up with Anna from the John Barrowman fanclub who reminded me to clap for the Marias every once in a while as I was too smitten with John to notice which planet I was on.
Finally the show was over and John signed his autobiography for me and I got a couple pictures of him being mobbed:

Anna brought like 4 things and got him to personalize all of them so I was a bit jealous but didn't feel it was right to go back and ask him to sign my name when there was 500 people swarming around him.
His nipples were showing through his shirt!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Theodore Roosevelt Lilly

For Father's Day went to lunch with my friend Jack whom I've known for 10 years now, and then to the baseball game to see my husband Ted Lilly.
There weren't any floor seats left so we had to scalp.
Reed Johnson was there:

With his stupid "goat boy" beard.
I couldn't get very close pictures so I had to sneak around until I was practically on the field to get a decent shot, from where I was sitting you couldn't even tell Ted's race in the photos.

This fall I'm going to get a camera that works far away. This one sucks.
All in all a very good day!

Busy life

Went to an art gallery opening today. This was on a wall nearby:

Found these pictures on the street in Chinatown, they're some lady who takes picture of old buildings in Rome with modern things in the shot. I like them.

Then went to the Taste of Little Italy where they thoughtfully had the corpse of a beautiful pig on display:

There was also boys on roller skates selling clothes:

Then the Better Reasons Festival with mixed results and Kids on TV:

In heaven, I imagine there's a continuous Kids on TV concert all day long.