Thursday, June 5, 2008

Footloose / Evil Dead

I noticed at lunch time today that my underwear was on backwards. I was quite busy today and didn't get a chance to fix it but I didn't really notice until I was sitting in the very uncomfortable seats at Footloose: The Musical. It was then I felt that something was not quite right. Which brings me to my review of the play.
I was really looking forward to this, I think I told everyone I know I was going and I had listened to the soundtrack 100 times. Who would play the Kevin Bacon lead role?
First off the theatre was small, I honestly believe there were as many people on stage and working the tickets and orchestra as there were in the audience. Then the play starts and out steps Lurch from the Aadam's Family. The man is 7'5 and 85 pounds. The last time he saw sun was 12 years ago and it looks like his face was dented with a brick. Several audience members fainted and one woman ran screaming from the theatre, shrieking "Run for your lives!!!"
Kevin Bacon, is that you?
I figured these people are not getting paid much, or anything, and was willing to look past appearances and check out his acting. Well he couldn't dance, act or sing, as his voice broke several times as I strained to hear what he was saying.
There were some high points. The role of Ren's best friend, Willard, was played by an amazing actor and Rusty and Ariel were also brilliant.
As I was looking around the room during Ren's songs (it was unwatchable), I started trying to pick out other actors who could have played the role better. I was trying to discern who was the understudy and had a fantasy where I kidnap Lurch and come to the show that night to see someone else play the role.
The story was of course ridiculous, a town bans dancing. The villain was a preacher, and I'm not sure if the actor was incapable (I think he was) or the role was terrible (I know it was) but I couldn't watch his scenes either. There were 4 or 5 songs about the evils of dancing and how hard it was on the priest being the heavy. Another one would start and I'd try to count the ceiling tiles.
The old songs were great and a couple of the new ones were pretty good too. I loved "I Need a Hero" where a shirtless muscle man is danced around by women like he's a maypole.
Overall, a cheap night out at $28 but you get what you pay for. RATING 4/10

Also saw Evil Dead: The Musical. The Star gave it 4 stars and it's obvious some money changed hands for that to happen. It was light entertainment, some songs good ("Blow That Bitch AWAY!") and some TERRIBLE ("Bit Part Demon") and overall middle of the road. RATING 6/10

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