Thursday, June 26, 2008

Cheap Queers & Boylesque

I went to one of the best shows I've ever seen last night at Buddies, Cheap Queers.
They had this guy from Boylesque TO (buy a ticket, I'll see you there!)

The best part was the event was hosted by Keith Cole who was HILARIOUS!
At the end of the show he was performing "Last Dance" by Donna Summer in drag and the guy above came up for a curtain call.
He lifted up his shirt as a tease and then motioned to Keith Cole, like "if you want to see more, show me some of yours" so Keith Cole undoes a strap on his dress.
The guy takes off his shirt and motions to Keith Cole to take off more. Keith removes his dress in one foul swoop and has nothing underneath and performed the rest of the song completley nude in a wig and makeup and heels. It was the funniest ending I've ever seen. The show continues tonight and tomorrow (but with different hosts :( ) GO!!!
MTV Canada was lit up with the Pride colours on my way home:

The CN Tower is too!

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Tired From Pride said...

Two of the acts on the Alternaqueer Stage today had dancers from Boylesque. One of them was Male Gayze, who we know from Steers & Queers ("the first four rows will be corned") and the other was called Bruin Pounder, I have pictures.

Man, I know more about local male burlesque dancers than I ever thought I would.