Sunday, June 29, 2008

Saturday of Pride

Kind of hot but not death hot as that is being saved for tomorrow. When I got there I was a bit worked up with the huge crowd so I took a tranquilizer and then later remembered I hadn't eaten anything all day. So I spent the next 4 hours very relaxed but falling down occasionally.
Here's me with one of the Trojan condom men who looked like one of my ex's Ric Dejon.

Maybe it was him.
Next came the falling down so we watched a Burlesque act:

This boy on the right is why there are so many acronyms on LGBTTIQQ2S.

For the final part of the act the "Minister" gave into the "sin"

It was a good show overall. This one homeless guy spent like an hour preying to the "minister" until he took his clothes off:

The show ended with the Hidden Cameras who rocked and closed with a new song:

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