Sunday, June 8, 2008

Morris Day and a question

Went to see Morris Day and the Time at Nathan Phillips tonight. This was something an artist was making:

I can recognize Andy Warhol and Basquiat, who is the other guy? Keith Harring? Yes, after a Google search, I believe it is. Excellent artwork.
When we got there people were break-dancing in a circle:

I took this picture as I was thinking about how this is something done the whole planet wide, people dancing in the middle of a circle. Is it possible that dancing is fundamentally human?
I took a couple shots of the stage:

I'm thinking there may be an advantage to the $800 cameras vs. my $150 jobbie as the guy beside me was getting excellent shots. Also it pissed me off that Morris Day kept calling us "Toronto, Canada" as in "How are you, Toronto, Canada?" I think we know what country we're from. And at one point he had the crowd chant about the Iraq war "What are we fighting for?" We're not fighting, right? It's them. Although we are in Afghanistan. Can someone give me a one sentence answer about why America is fighting Iraq? What will history say? Civil war is slavery. First World War is territory? Second World War is First World War. Iraq, will history say 9/11, oil, or something else?

Now I'm looking for comments here. I don't think I've ever requested people comment on this blog before, it's always been one way with me providing information/entertainment.
Recently a cyclist was biking down the street and a man opened his door to get out of his parked car, knocked the cyclist into the road under a passing truck and killed him. What should the punishment be for the man? It's a $200 ticket to not look for cyclists before you open your door, should he get more than that? What about criminal negligence causing death? And what should his sentence be?
As you can see from this article, the man got nothing, no charges. Is that fair?
I'm going to say $5000 fine, payable to the family of the victim and 6 months probation. What do you think? Leave a comment.

Finally, I was speaking to my brother today and he asked me what everyone asks when I tell them I'm vegan.... "What do you eat?" So I'll share what I ate today and yesterday.
Yesterday morning I had iced coffee with vanilla almond milk for breakfast. For lunch I had a veggie burger and salad with water. For dinner I had veggie meatloaf and spinach puff pastry with apple pie for desert.
Today I had cereal with strawberries and vanilla soy milk. For lunch I had a veggie spicy sausage on a bun and I didn't feel very hungry for dinner so I just had cantaloupe. For a snack when I got home I had chocolate soy milk and sea salt and malt vinegar chips.
Proof being vegan does not mean eating only nuts and berries you foraged.

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Anonymous said...

I think even you would have to admit that one of the major reasons your country enjoys so much security is that it borders the USA. By the way, this comment comes from a French man.