Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Kids on TV vs. Parkdale High

Went to see the Kids on TV play with the Parkdale High School string section.

It was pretty cool, everyone was smiling and having a great time. There were LOADS of people there crammed into a small space. Surprisingly they didn't play "Breakdance Hunx" or "Cockwolves" but the Aids Infested Faggot was there so I said hi.

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Chin said...

Hi, Im Edward from Argentina.
I was looking for some Colton Ford videos when I run into your page.
I read the blog and the archives u found, I was shocked.It was very interesting for me to read all those documents. (Actually Im working on the 70s but on my country; on the gay movement under the Army Forces Dictatorship)
Well, just want u to know that I was very interested in what uve shown.
Im gonna pass regurlarly so I keep up with your flog,
(sorry if my english is not too good)