Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Nuit Blanche 2009

Went to Nuit Blanche for the first time this year. I will probably go again but the long lines and inconsistent presentations were a turn off.
I went with my dad, his partner Linda, my co-worker Sarah and her friend Ashley.
Here's Ashley with some severed heads:

And Sarah with some oragami:

The best part of the night was probably "Le Grand Peep Show" in the stables of Casa Loma. All night long I kept repeating the MC's call "Usually, $30 per peep!"

The idea is you peep in the holes and the people stare back at you. Sarah was creeped out by the people staring at her but I spent the time trying to flirt with the guy using only my eyeball. For some reason I thought it was working....
Here's the virgin Mary hatching an egg:

Sarah and I infront of some art:

The artist hung the plastic sheets in the forest and then drew trees on them.
Next was an art installation called "Things Fall Apart". This was mostly crap but I did like the melting Ronald McDonalds quite a lot.

Then we went over to Liberty Village and had Fire and Sausages. The sausage was REALLY good but the hot chocolate, I just got the bottom of my dad's cup and it was really bitter and mine had a huge chunk of cocao in it which was not appealing.
There was a chalk wall:

Which I later leaned against and got my jacket and bag dirty.

Then off to see 2 cranes dancing for 15 minutes to music.

It got old fast.
Finally a stop at the apology project:
Where people with paper bags on their heads said "I'm so sorry" as you walked past them like someone died.
Back to my place for a quick rest and then off to see downtown. By this time it was like 12:30 and I was feeling pretty tired and the lines did little to stop that feeling.
This rabbit was kind of cool inside the Eaton Centre:

And saw the 4 letter word machine at city hall:

At one point people were trying to put the words together and they came up with the sentence "Obey them, Chip."
I came up with this story in my head where the world was being taken over my aliens and this son was being led away from his father by the awful alien. The son screamed "Dad, help!" and the father says "Obey them, Chip..." and then under his breath "...for now."
Everything else downtown was too long a line for how tired I was and I got home about 2:30.

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