Thursday, November 18, 2010

Equus - Hart House

I'm in the intermission now. The play is fantastic, moving, transcendent. I remember after watching it in London in 2007 wanting to see it again so I could comprehend more of it. I had forgotten that with time but I am glad I get this opportunity now.
The play unravels slowly like an onion and draws you in with each layer, each breath, each movement.
The stage was almost bare in London and I prefer this staging, a series of swings.
The play is finished now. The acting is brilliant with the two leads carrying the show, Martin Dysart as the psychiatrist and the beautiful and talented Jesse Nerenberg as Alan Strang. Both acts of the play build to a crescendo and with Jesse it's a fever pitch. During the height of these scenes you don't move, you don't look anywhere else, you barely breath he is so transfixing.
Claire Acott as Alan's mother seemed at different points to be trying different accents and would break her speech pattern by saying more sophisticated words in a more sophisticated voice, which was distracting.
One more thing about the lead Jesse, to play a scene with such open emotion and to do it while naked on stage for about 15 minutes takes remarkable skill, especially for someone so young. Bravo.

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