Monday, December 6, 2010

The Ways to Make Friends and Influence People

No problem is ever made better by talking about it.  On the contrary, word gets around, and whatever is bothering you gets rehashed.
NOTE TO SELF: Don't talk about problems.

Be flexible in your viewpoints.  No one likes absolutes, no one likes being told they're wrong.  Be agreeable, bend and fold.
NOTE TO SELF: Don't have opinions.

No situation is made better by walking away.  It's taking the easy way out, it's being a quitter.  Learn ways to cope with bad situations.  Turn the frown up-side down.
NOTE TO SELF: Stay in bad situations.

Adapt to situations you are in.  Know your audience.  Don't be disagreeable.  Don't be disliked.  Keep peace.  Get along. Be respectful. 
NOTE TO SELF: Be what other's want.  Don't be yourself.

I can see the past unfolding as the present.  I can see the error of my ways.  I feel the wounds of the people I have treated badly, the things I have done to them, and I see myself falling into patterns, doing the same things to others.  I see the circle closing as a result, less and less people.  And I feel lonely and I want to reach out but I hear, so loud, the wailing of the ones before, and I know I am still the same person, and I see pattern in my behaviour, and I worry about doing the same thing again.

The way I'm feeling now is the way I always feel after.  If only I hadn't.
If only I hadn't spoke.
If only I hadn't shown my feelings.
If only I hadn't have been myself none of this would have happened.

And I feel like King Kong, gone out to the city to say hello and the entire world reacted in terror and ran, and I couldn't understand why.
And I want to lick my wounds,
and go to my cave,
and stroke my cat,
and hide,
in the dark,

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