Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Muscle Boy by Bud Clifton, ebook MOBI 1958

Download here.

From the back cover:

Most men fall in love with women. But some men fall in love with themselves —men like the weight-lifters of Muscle Beach.
For these body worshippers, their physique is their fortune. Whether it's being exhibited performing feats of strength, or leered at in glossy photos by thrill-seekers of every sex and taste, there's big money in those biceps. And it's often dirty money!
Teen-ager Jerry Carpenter found that out when he, for kicks and vanity, got himself involved in the sordid dealings of a notorious photographer and the strange characters that surrounded him.
What you've heard about in whispers is frankly, startlingly revealed in MUSCLE BOY, a novel that bares the naked truth about the Beefcake Kings.

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