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Maeve's Times by Maeve Binchy

Maeve's Times by Maeve Binchy
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I loved this book.

Someone once said reading Maeve Binchy is like sitting down to a cup of tea with an old friend and it’s the perfect analogy. I met her only once at a book signing but I loved her and I felt like I knew her through her writing.

She wasn’t the most thin and attractive woman but I believe this helped develop her fantastic personality which shone to the corners of the earth. She once said of her books that she didn’t believe the ugly duckling had to grow up into a swan, that it could mature and become a very nice duck, thank you very much.

These fantastic stores all illustrate a long career with the Irish Times, something I had never known about previously. There’s a real cross section here, all written in the trademark Binchy style. Some of them will make you laugh, almost all make you think, and generally I really appreciated having a window into her life. It was like an autobiography of sorts at times and I loved learning more about this amazing woman.

The Jewish story floored me, the story about the abortion was fantastic and should be required reading for those opposed to legalization. Some stories lost me a little, there was a lot of coverage of royal weddings and while I appreciated learning more about Maeve’s past, that she had been to the weddings of three of Elizabeth’s four children, it was more than I cared to know in detail so I skipped some of these parts.

I would like a sequel, I’m sure there’s more articles that could be reprinted.

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