Thursday, February 13, 2014

Fort Lauderdale - Day 1 and 2

Here's Wayne on a patio having dinner. The flight was okay but when we got to the hotel first they tried to charge us more than our reservation, then they said they only had a room with one bed.  Annoying!  I'm sleeping on the pull-out couch which works okay as its close to the air conditioner anyway.
Our hotel looks a little like Melrose Place.
We did a boat tour today, walked around downtown and went to the Art Gallery where there was a great photo exhibition on the Civil Rights movement.
This is the oldest house still standing in Ft Lauderdale from the 1830's and was right beside our boat cruise dock.
They call Ft Lauderdale the Venice of America because of all these canals and man made islands. But I've been around and a lot of places are compared to Venice.
This is some hotel with a revolving restaurant and the number 66 used a lot.
This is one of the mega yachts here. There are so many!  This was costs like 250 million and it costs over half a million to fill the tank with gas.
This house is known as the White House as it looks like the White House.  
This is some palms near the water on our walk back to the hotel.
Tomorrow seeing Alberto and Jorge and then Saturday the cruise.  Excited!  Sleep now.

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