Friday, June 27, 2014

Drag Queen by Robert Rodi

Drag Queen by Robert Rodi
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I first read this book in the mid-nineties with all of Rodi's other work. I was glad with the recent Kindle re-issue to get a chance to read it again.
The book is a fun, feel-good kind of read that we all need occasionally. A long lost identical twin who lives a life different than you'd expect. A cute set-up and a satisfying ending. I actually liked the book more than I remembered, it's a real page turner.
There were a few, maybe 20, typos from the conversion to paper. Most harmless, a couple really egregious, and I would have appreciated a proofread before publication.
- at 11%, "sensing she'd put a food awry" should be foot
- at 47% "Not. Not mother." should be no
- at 50% "offer to each a course" should be teach
- at 51% "Let me tell you a little but about the subject" should be bit
- at 55% "Been with all kids" should be kinds, hopefully
- at 88% "He though of having a look" should be thought
- at 90% "Just sent the bill." should be send
- at 91% "for her found himself" should be he
- at 95% "And he leapt at Mitchell."" doesn't need an end quote, it's not a quotation
These and a few other errors slightly marred an enjoyable experience.

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