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My mom's wedding speech

Adam’s wedding speech  -   July 5, 2014

Hello everyone!  For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Diane, and I am Adam’s mother.  I am very pleased and proud to be speaking at Adam’s wedding today.  I hope he doesn’t regret giving me this opportunity!

Ever since a very cold day in December 1978 when Adam was born,    he has continued to change and improve my life.

I am very much like my father – I enjoy the normal routines of everyday life, and I don’t feel the calling to travel too far from home.  But my 2 boys have changed all that.  My husband Keith and I have recently returned from a trip to Jasper, Alberta to visit our son Arthur who lives there now, and we had such a fabulous time!

(Stand up Arthur, so everyone can see my other handsome son.) 

And Adam, what can I say.  He continues to share his life with me and I am so lucky.  I have to be honest, before Adam ‘came out’ I knew very little, if anything, about the GLBT Community. 

With Adam sharing stories, movies, theatre and books with me;  I have become more informed and continue to pass my knowledge of Acceptance on to my friends, my church, and my community. 

We have been walking and collecting Pledges for the Aids Walk now for over 10 years, and we walk it each year to do what we can to help.  

Adam, I am so proud of the man you have become!

For those of us in Adams’ life, we are truly fortunate.  With every fibre of his being, he brings and shares his honesty, his quick wit, his love of language and books, and his generosity.  His unique sense of humour always has me laughing.  If you ask Adam how you look, don’t be surprised when he gives you an honest answer.

Adam has been a writer of poems and short stories since he was young; he’s very creative.  I know he has a story in him to write, and one day I’ll be the proud mother of a Canadian author – I can’t wait!

In the meantime, this is a list that Adam wrote 4 years ago of things that MAKE HIM HAPPY:

             -  READ THE LIST  -

Now he can add Shin to the list.

I am so glad that Adam has found a partner to love and share his life with.  I knew the right person was out there, who would see the fabulous qualities in Adam that I see.  It seems fitting, with Adam’s love of travel and exploring the world, that his now husband Shin, was born in Japan.  I foresee their lives together filled with trips to exotic lands, with strange food and discoveries.

My husband Keith and I want to wish Adam and Shin a beautiful life together and we want to officially welcome Shin into our family.

If we could all now raise our glasses, and Toast Adam & Shin!

(Go and give each of them a hug!)

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