Tuesday, December 4, 2007

The Amazon Kindle

WOW! This is a new ebook service from Amazon, watch it and check it out.

Some flaws to me right off the bat: I read old books, this only sells bestsellers, $400 price tag.

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Danny T said...

At first, I thought "Cool!" It's convenient, light, accessible, and should eliminate the need to print as many books. In addition, if it doesn't allow for the purchase of classic books, it should only be a matter of time.

However....it sounds like one can get caught up in buying books without taking into consideration the cost and hidden cost factors. It wasn't clear to me as to how you were to be charged for roaming fees and what not. In addition, the choice in newspapers seem restricted to only the major American newspapers. And as much as it is the "it" thing to modernize, this is not as cool as holding a collectors item of a out of print magazine or book.

Plus, could Amazon not hire an extra actor to demonstrate how it is used rather than the same douche bag??? Please, you're selling a tech item, at least hire a hot chick to attract the 'geeks'.

I am only interested if it allows for more.....personalization.....