Sunday, December 30, 2007

Best/Worst of 2007

Best movie: High School Musical 2
Most years a film grabs me and makes me take notice, Elephant or Spellbound. This seemed to be the year of mediocrity, and a movie I've seen 10 times with songs to sing along to and a couple of cute boys, one gay.... what more could I ask?

Worst movie: Spider Man 3
I didn't see part 2 and went to see part three because I was lonely one day, it was worse than my wildest nightmares could have imagined. The new Batman has Heath Ledger as the Joker, this crap has the stupid mechanic from Wings. Ghastly.

Best TV Show (scripted): Reaper
Exciting and original, funny and the only reason to turn on a TV.

Worst TV Show (scripted): Dirty Sexy Money
As exciting as watching paint dry. Plots that went nowhere and everyone is too serious.

Best TV Show (reality):
TIE X-factor and Project Runway
I love singing and dancing and Simon Cowell. The great thing about these shows is when Simon's nice, like 1 time out of 100, and you know it's genuine. It's like the tough English teacher who helps you get a scholarship.
Runway: take 13 gay men and let them camp and bitch it out fighting over dresses.

Worst TV Show (reality): The Two Coreys
In a strong year for reality, this show was DOA. Annoying people who used to be famous. In one episode the head of PETA comes to dinner with the meat-eating Corey Haim. Will wackiness ensue???? No.

Best Shows Turned to Worst: Ugly Betty, Friday Night Lights, Doctor Who, Brothers and Sisters
I was disappointed in all these shows. I tuned in for the originality and now most seem like one-hit wonders. Doctor Who had a great Christmas show but what about episodes 3-9 of season 3, each week praying for something more interesting to happen? Brothers and Sisters, Ugly Betty and FNL all got bogged down in super serious plots which no one cared about.

Best Book: Against The Law - Peter Wildeblood
The best autobiography I've ever read. Details his arrest and one year prison term for being homosexual in England in 1955. Never playing for sympathy, this book quietly draws the picture and lets the reader make up his own mind. Brilliant.

Worst Book: Shopaholic and Baby - Sophie Kinsella
How to take a franchise too far. These books started out light and fun in a Bridget Jones kind of way. But the reason we loved Bridget was she was the anti-hero, when she drank wine from the bottle and sang "All By Myself" we sung with her. When Beckie has a crisis because she can't get into the celebrity obstetrician, we're left thinking "Who Cares?"

Trend of the Year: Buying old gay books, I hope to do a blog post with some of my findings soon.

Person of the Year: Joe Strutt.
It amazes me how the nicest person I know still wants to keep in contact with me. He always makes time and checks in, I really appreciate it.

Worst person of the Year: Guindon.
Satan's secretary. Makes my skin crawl.

Best Political Party: Conservatives
For being the only party with ethics. The only party with a strong leader. The only party that believes in equality. To me the essence of the Conservative Party is that if you work and try to do right, right will be done to you. Everything should be above board. The government should not entangle itself in the affairs of the public.

Worst Political Party: Liberals
I don't understand what anyone sees in them. They are the definition of wishy-washy and have more corrupt members in their ranks than we will ever know. They say they won't raise taxes and then bring in the largest tax increase in history because it was "necessary". I would like to encourage anyone reading this, if you have had better health care in the last 12 months from your extra $900 annual tax let me know and I will eat my hat. Or yours. Whichever is smaller.

Best Memory of the Year: Seeing Hairspray on Broadway in New York City with Lance Bass and meeting him afterward.

Worst Memory of the Year: Tornado

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