Sunday, November 29, 2009

Lady Gaga concert

Had the best time, loved it.
Had a nap and then had to run around getting ready. I went to Sarah's hotel to pick her up and put on my makeup to find she had lost her eyeliner, or "guyliner" as we had been calling it so there was none of that and no time to go get more.
I put on the purple eyeshadow to go with my top and it looked really good, I was surprised. Then I thought about making cats claws out the side, then I did the under eye and I didn't look good anymore, more like a $2 whore. D'oh. I tried to wash it off, it didn't come off, and we had to go!
The line at the ACC was long and we didn't really know where to go. We found the line just after 6. My friends didn't bring a coat and the 1.5 hour wait was quite cold. While I was waiting in line my cousin Sarah came over to me to say hello. She said "It's Sarah!" and I thought, Sarah who? She had dyed her hair dark and look much more like a woman then the teenager I remembered. She looked really good, it was great to see her.
The tickets said doors 6:30, show at 7:30. So at 7:45 they let us in!
We made our way to the floor and had a really amazing spot in front of the stage. The opening act one came on and they were crap. Another 20 minute wait and Kid Cudi came on, whoever he is. When you come out to perform your concert wearing a white t-shirt and a baseball cap, that's not a good sign.
I saw one song and had enough. Half the crowd was gay men, I don't think any of them were into it either. I sat down for a while, there was no chairs on the floor, standing room only, until security shone a flashlight into my face to make sure I was okay, then I had to stand.
After this crappy opening act we had another 30 minutes to kill while they played Michael Jackson's greatest hits. The crowd and I were really getting into dancing to MJ.
Sarah's friend said we would have a better view of the stage if we moved to the back, so we did and it turns out they had a better view as they were too short to see from the front of the stage. My view, on the other hand, was far worse and further away. The rationale was also that we would have more room there and it wouldn't be so hot. Of course, as soon as GAGA came out we were surrounded by people and the temperature went up 100 degrees.
We had some time to kill, so while dancing to Michael Jackson, these two drunk girls came up to me and one asked to kiss me on the cheek, which was fine. She complemented my outfit, apparently it was a big hit. Sarah and her friend seemed to done down their outfits more than we had originally planned.
Anyway, I explained how we had a lack of eyeliner. The heavy drunk girl said she had some eye shadow and proceeded to apply more purple, and some yellow. I had no mirror so it was all good.
We were standing beside some guys and this fellow with a mustache was quite hot, he reminded me of a young red-haired Rhett Butler. I thought he was the straight one of their bunch, he seemed to be there with his blond girlfriend. After the show Sarah's friend Ashely said he was the biggest gay in the place, that he was singing along and knew all the words to all the songs. Dammit! I should`ve said something!
So finally just after 10 the show started. I don`t get why there`s always opening acts. When I go to author readings at Harbourfront, you always have to sit through 2 hours of readings by people you`ve never heard of to get to yours. What is this? I hate that.
The show was amazing. So many costume changes. Such fashion, such imagination.
The encore, when she sang the opening notes of "Bad Romance" it was like I had experienced an electric shock. It woke me up, made me alive, I danced like I have never danced before. No inhibitions, total freedom and joy. I loved it.
This is the before shot as we were leaving:

The opening act, hands on hips "Clap, bitches!"

Kid somebody making a fashion statement "I just woke up and put this on"

Lady Gaga in the dark forest for the song "Monster"

Just dance.

As Cleaopatra


Striking a Madonna like pose.

After the show. All of us can't hear anything. We spent 30 minutes saying "WHAT?!?!"
This one is my favourite.

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