Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Lady Gaga is the new Jesus

I am in love with Lady Gaga. She is the new Jesus. I am going to her show in 2 weeks and I need it to be today. This video for "Bad Romance" is the best video I've ever seen. Who cares if she can't see, she looks amazing. Seeing is over rated.
For the concert I have a bright purple shirt and a matching purple striped tie. I also have a purple tiara to wear but I'm trying to find a ridiculous hat instead. We'll see. I'll be posting photos. My co-worker Sarah is wearing green pants, a white tank and a yellow faux fur skull cap with green makeup. We'll be awesome.
I haven't been posting lately as I have an infection of the esophagus and my day involves not eating until I get home, then eating as I'm starving and lying down in pain for the rest of the night unable to move. I haven't eaten yet so I'm still upright for now.

I see a lot of people buying poppies for Remembrance Day. Back when the first World War and the second World War started there were mass protests in the street, people saying that we shouldn't send our children to fight for a country we no longer live in. People objecting to taking the poor and the underskilled and using them as the front line of defense like they were targets. I would have been one of those people. I marched down the streets in February when the US threatened to invade Iraq. I don't believe in war. As such, I will never wear a poppy.

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