Sunday, May 16, 2010

Joke's on me

Last year when Toronto's gay theatre company, Buddies in Bad Times, announed an all lesbian season I complained to everyone who would listen. A part of my agrees that women have been under-represented in the past, and that perhaps this idea was not without merit, but the big part of me was just disappointed. It's not like I could just go to the OTHER gay theatre this year, there's only one!
So I went the entire year without seeing a play there. When they called and asked if I wanted to renew my season subscription I laughed and laughed and all the while sat tight waiting for the season to be over.
The season is over.
Yesterday Buddies announced their new season.
And in keeping with their stated mandate of "gender pairity" they are following up their lesbian season with the 2011 season in which all scripted plays are written by women! Good one.
The sole male performance is from Montreal's 2boyztv which 2 years ago put on the worst, most pretentious piece of crap I've ever seen. And this performance is a follow up to that.
Oh happy day!

I am torn. A part of me wants to write letters and condemn this PC attitude being taken too far, and now even the gay clubs are excluding my kind, and by that I mean men. But I also realize that I would be hung out to dry from my testicles by women who are twice the man I'll ever be.
So I think instead I'll just laugh it off, laugh and laugh.
And remove this theatre company from my radar.

Ha, ha, ha!

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