Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Provincetown Itinerary

Working out now what's available for my August stay in P-town.
The day I arrive a play is closing called "Slap and Tickle" so I've bought a ticket for that night.

Let's hope I can get there on time. If my flight is delayed I'll be on the ferry arriving at 7 pm, play starts at eight! But I bought the ticket in advance as its closing night and if it was sold out, I would cry.
The next day, August 15th, has porn star Gus Maddon shares stories and takes off his clothes in Canned Ham. How can that be bad?
August 16 has comedian Margaret Cho.
August 17 has The Gulls, a comedic and drag take on Alfred Hitchcock's The Birds, and drag queen Hedda Lettuce.

August 20 - Bruce Villanch and John Waters
There's some museums and stuff too I can check out when I'm there.

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