Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Gan / Islands

Went to Ganonoqué with Sarah on July 17.
We got there in time for the play Blood Brothers, and took these photos as we were waiting to go in:

Once the play was nearly done, the power went out and a huge storm/hurricane hit the town so we ran out of there fast.
The next day, the Sunday, we went to the Toronto islands.

And of course we found a cat. I've renamed myself "The Cat Whisperer".

One of the two plaques on baseball on the Islands.

There's a church on the islands, which I've never seen before.

A beautiful intterior....

And a plaque describing it's origins. (click to enlarge)

Sarah actually had the nerve to push the seaweed and algae out of the way and go swimming in Lake Ontario. It was freezing! No way was I going in.

A beautiful baby goat.

As we were heading home there was a "Festival of India" on Centre Island with a free vegetarian meal which we enjoyed before heading home to a pork roast followed by a Sunday night drag show.
A great weekend!

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