Monday, July 12, 2010

Pride 2010

Finally I get the photos up! With Fringe and Pride and Gaga, it's been busy!
Saturday started with an amateur "Best Buns" contest:

And this hottie. I was saying how I didn't find muscles that attractive then I saw this guy and had to change my mind. Turns out he's porn star {insert name here}.

The drag stage in the village is the most consistent, practically every time I pass by there's a good show on. I loved this top, I want one!

Saw Cyndi Lauper on Saturday night - what a disaster! Firstly the line to get in was about 1,000 people so there was no way that would get in before the show was over. We waited outside to try and watch through the fence and about 30 min. before the show a second gate opened in front of us and we got in!
Once inside we realized there was no breeze and we were stinking hot. We hudled with the crowd until Cyndi came out and sang three Blues songs back to back. I kept yelling that we were only there to hear "Girls Just Want to Have Fun" but apparently she didn't hear me.
We cut out of the crowd and hung out near the back where there was less people and a little breeze and waited the 75 minutes for her to play a single song we'd ever heard before. What a waste. After "Time After Time" she said "This next one is by B.B. King" and I said "I'm outta here!" and we took off.

Sunday the parade started at 2 but I wanted to go see Shaun Proulx read at the Proud Voices tent at 2:30. Got to the tent, he had cancelled, so got to the parade about 2:45. First thing I saw was Levi Poulter from my cruise:

He sailed past. I swear, the floats I cared about with hot guys went by at 90 miles an hour, the ones with disabled elderly topless lesbians stopped for half an hour.
A leather tribute:

A good time girl:

Love the costumes:

Heavy guys can really make a splash in the right drag:

This guy is what we refer to as "trade" or "rough" or "yummy":

Cool outfit!:

Rocky and Dr. Frankenfurter:

This couple actually got married in the parade.

These guys were modeling underwear and things were getting hot. I was kind of obsessed with them for a while, before I found something better....

This pants pulled down couple was a good find!

This fellow from my video was shaking it all over the place and I became hypnotised, I couldn't turn away. I have practically a whole photo album of this guy.

I heard this one guy saying he was too embarrassed to take a photo with him and I totally agree, I was much too shy myself:

Me with porn star Roman Heart. I think he was obsessed as I said he was overly tanned - he was practically Hispanic he was so tanned. Also I think his boyfriend or something was there too and you were supposed to get a photo of the two of them together. I had never heard of the boyfriend so I brushed him off.

Me with random TD Bank hottie:

Cool couple. Why are people that wear stuff like this always from like Amsterdam or something?

Yummy. I am now obsessed with this guy.

He caused a bit of a commotion and crowd:

Lady Gaga was there, but she had really let herself go:
Naked Elvis. What would a Pride parade be without him?
It's actually a good way to hide the fact that you're a pervy old naked man.... *Note to self - when old, or next year, wear Elvis hair*

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