Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Good Mourning Mrs. Brown - Princess of Wales Theatre

I previously went to see Mrs. Brown's first Canadian show "How Now Mrs. Brown Cow" and really enjoyed it, a great fun evening out. For Christmas I bought my dad and his partner Linda tickets to this new incarnation which we saw last night.

I had been watching the BBC series and had seen the full season already before going in, and much of the plot of this show is presented as a live version of that one. They crammed in six episodes into one 2.5 hour show, cutting out parts and moving other parts around. This worked far better than I thought it would.

For the most part I knew what was going to happen but that didn't lessen my enthusiasm, in fact I enjoyed this show more that I did the previous show last year. One of the great things about a Mrs. Brown show is the actors regularly break the 4th wall, talking of sets and microphones, and are always keeping each other in laughter. It looks like they have great fun doing the show and that shines though and always adds a new, unpredictable element.

My favourite joke of the series was featured, when Mrs. Brown wakes up tired and says to her son "What a waste of time! I stayed up until midnight last night to watch this show called "GRAND PRIX" (pronounced 'pricks'). What a waste of time! The entire facking thing was about race cars!" As well, a great new joke, "Well, as the hurricane said to the palm tree, 'Hold on to your nuts, this isn't going to be an ordinary blow job!'"

Off-colour humour but never smutty, it was a great time at a great show and a super night out. Standouts were the excellent Brendan O'Carroll as Mrs. Brown and Gary Hollywood, with the coolest name ever, as Dino. A great time and I look forward to seeing the whole cast back next year!

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