Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Lady Gaga with The Scissor Sisters, Air Canada Centre

I was waiting to post this until I got back the photos from the lady I went to the concert with.  As that may never happen....
The Scissor Sisters stepped on stage at 7:57 last night, right on time, and played for 30 minutes. Anna Matronic had new geri-curls in her hair which looked amazing and she was followed out on stage by Jake Shears wearing the sexiest outfit ever invented. This ode to Tom of Finland was a leather tear-away body suit complete with military style hat and cut-away crotch to expose his vinyl thong. From this point I'm not quite sure what other people on stage were wearing or doing as I was drinking in the sight of Jake in this outfit like someone receiving water after crossing the desert.
I do remember Anna saying "If you don't know the Scissor Sisters, that's okay, it just means you're not gay and not British," which I loved.
They did a great job getting the crowd in the mood. A short set leading off with Nightwork, followed by a good mix of hits including Take Your Mama, Running Out, I Don't Feel Like Dancing, and closing with Filthy/Gorgeous. Absent were first single from the new album Fire With Fire and new sensation Invisible Light.
This is the outfit Jake wore, which I loved, but these photos are from the Chicago concert.  I wasn't allowed to bring my SLR camera and I thought I'd be able to find other people's photos from the concert on Google or Flickr.  Nope!

I did bring my Ipod but the camera quality in low light leaves something to be desired.  You can't really tell they're human:

There are some better pics from the Chicago concert here.
Ending at 8:27 left a big gap between them and when the lights went out for Lady Gaga at 10:13 and she hit the stage at 10:20. These two hours we whiled away by looking at each other, getting pushed around by teenage girls, and listening to Michael Jackson's Thriller album three times in a row.
At about 10:15 I had been standing for three hours doing nothing so I sat down.  Some teenage girls behind me start chattering "Why is he sitting down?" "What's wrong with him!" and then proceeded to take my photo multiple times, to send to their friends like "Get a load of this guy!"  Bah, who cares.  If I was 15 I'd still be standing too.
Waiting for the show to start:

The view from sitting on the floor:

The lights dimmed and everyone applauded as Michael Jackson stopped, then Gaga came out.  Very similar to her last tour, with the exception of "Speechless" on the piano which had been a highlight previously but this was replaced with an accapella rendition of "Born This Way" with Maria from youtube.  I expected to hate this part but like everything Gaga she spiffed it up and it ended up being not too sachrine and I nearly welled up.
Jena whom I went with had to leave early so she didn't miss her train, and missed what was the highlight of the show, an encore of "Bad Romance" followed by "Born This Way".  Bad Romance was good but in Born This Way by head exploded and I danced and felt tremendous happiness.  Even by myself, I totally let loose and had that amazing time one gets to have so rarely so all in all it was well worth going.
Here's one Ipod pic that didn't turn out that badly:

And I was able to find some shots of Gaga from the Toronto concert on the net:

My favourite video "Teeth":

And the new video "Born This Way":

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