Tuesday, December 27, 2011

I digitize a book, Sam by Lonnie Coleman ebook MOBI

As anyone with ears knows, I recently received a Kindle for Christmas.  I was disappointed by the lack of older books, specifically gay pulp fiction, I could only find one on any site, The Why Not by Victor J. Banis published in 1966 on Amazon.
I decided to digitize at least one and chose Sam by Lonnie Coleman, originally printed in 1959, this was the 1962 pulp re-print. It was labour intensive, I had to scan every page, proof-read the entire thing and then format it, but I'm very pleased with the result.  It took a little longer to do as the pages are yellow and the copy poor. I will do others, although perhaps less than I had originally planned.
I have worked previously as a professional proof-reader/editor so hopefully I managed to catch all the OCR mistakes.
You can download the book in Kindle format here .
If you have another e-reader format such as Kobo, you can convert the book to your preferred format using Calibre which you can download here.

* I believe the copyright for this book was not renewed and it is therefore in the public domain. If you have evidence to the contrary please contact me. Google shows the last copyright renewal as 1959.
"works published in the US before 1964 whose copyrights were not renewed, may have entered the public domain"

A 1961 Copyright Office study found that fewer than 15% of all registered copyrights were renewed. For books, the figure was even lower: 7%


butterscotch clouds said...

Wow, I was looking for a good quality image of this book's cover and here you have the whole book! Is it possible for you to renew the link? It would be much appreciated.

dunnadam said...

Link updated, enjoy!

butterscotch clouds said...

You're a peach! Thank you.