Sunday, January 8, 2012

Diary of a Gay Love Hustler: Ricky by Donald King ebook MOBI

Rare gay pulp, published by Barclay House in 1970. I could only find 2 mentions of the books actual existence on a Google search, very rare.

Includes 12 pages of ads for other pulp novels at the end.

Book is mainly sex story of "Ricky" and his clients as a hustler. Includes some 70's style melodrama and some trademarks of gay pulp at the time such as the idea that all gay men just want sex and that gays can never be happy, etc.  Still it's a fun time-capsule read.

From the back cover:
He was...
a young stud
trying to make it on his own
stripped down to the last thing he had to sell— himself
...a gay male hustler

Download ebook here.

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Ty Jacob said...

That looks fantastic! I love that he's called a gay 'love' hustler. You might appreciate this little project of mine...