Friday, January 13, 2012

Another letter to Xtra

I've got my commenting hat on lately and I wrote them another comment today.  My comment was about a column at the back of their magazine condemning a gay company for use testing instead of condoms when making porn, a practice common place in straight porn but for some reason requiring a double standard for gays.  Ironically this double standard is being maintained by gays.

" Cody Cummings, a model who appears in your paper opposite the new Porndoggy column "Sean Cody's flip-flop fucking", recently appeared in a bareback porn movie. The reason it didn't get any press is because it was with a woman. They used the same RNA by PCR test mentioned in the column about Sean Cody but nobody cared. Yet when Sean Cody uses the same test for men who have sex with men, the gay press is in an uproar.

I think right now in 2012 we need to decide as a community if we are going to let this double standard continue. Porn is a fantasy, the actors are adults, and how long is the gay press especially going to keep banging the drum "Women - good, Men - BAD". "

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