Monday, March 26, 2012

A Summer on Fire Island by Alexander Goodman ebook MOBI

A Summer on Fire IslandA Summer on Fire Island by Alexander Goodman

My rating: 5 of 5 stars


A fantastic piece of gay history, not to be missed by the gay history buff.

Think of this more as a non-fiction title, although there are fiction elements.  It perfectly paints a picture of a summer vacation on fire island in the mid 60's.

I love this kind of gay history stuff and there's details in here that blew my mind.  The book starts out describing how to get to the Island from New York City, what kind of things you'll find there, and goes in to the people, the parties, the bars.  The men were not allowed to dance together, to even LOOK at each other while they were dancing, so there would be 40 men in a line dancing, doing the Hulley-Gulley or the Madison.  Really, the book gets five stars for that description alone.

The book continues with photos from the period, to descriptions of the cruisey Meat Rack and the raids by police, along with what to expect when arrested.  The book ends with a call for tolerance of homosexuals.

The fictional aspect helps flesh out the story and makes it live. This book is a perfect time capsule of life on Fire Island and is required for any gay history buff.

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