Saturday, June 9, 2012

Cobra Killer - book update 1

I'm really enjoying reading the new book Cobra Killer: Gay Porn, Murder, and the Manhunt to Bring the Killers to Justice by Peter A. Conway and Andrew E. Stoner.

I am a fan of Brent Corrigan/Sean Lockheart and have all his movies, but what I'm so surprised at is how reading this book is changing my opinions.  I wrote the following on the book's blog today:

I'm really enjoying the book and I really want to thank you for writing it.  Putting all this information together into a readable, cross-referenced format must have been a TON of work, and although I was disappointed by the delays, I'm so glad it's out, I have been waiting for this book for years.
I'm reading it slowly to savour it.  I'm wondering if you as the authors have an opinion on the case and if you'd like to share it?
I feel that some allowance must be made for Lockheart's age, but most of the story occurred after he turned 18 and was legal, so not too much. I realize Brian isn't around to give his side but I'm finding the portrait painted of Lockheart interesting, I didn't know he was so heavily involved in the case.
Lockheart's stories seem to contradict themselves, saying Kocis was complicit with the age cover up, then saying Kocis was harassing him for ID. Kocis was a small-time producer in PA, not Falcon, the idea that he might be a little careless with legal requirements, especially on his first shoot, Poolboy, is believable.
Lockheart admits to being broke with no options, but then when Kocis offered him money, a lot of money, he makes it seem like it was sleazy and in his own interest, although he does admit Kocis agreed to a business only relationship. He calls himself a "Siren" that men were willing to kill for, but he did say he wanted Kocis out of the picture to the man that killed him, and what was the meeting with Cuadra in Vegas except an attempt to cut the house, Kocis, out of the financial equation?
In a way I'm feeling bad for Kocis, which I never expected.  Whatever his involvement he certainly didn't deserve to be murdered.
Lockheart has no phone and complains, so Kocis gives him one and Lockheart says he only did it to further manipulate him. Lockheart has no money so Kocis offers him a place to stay, a new car and 6 scenes at $3,500 per scene.  Again Lockheart spins it and later calls the deal a joke. I get that Lockheart feels manipulated but I'm not sure why, or sure that's he's admitting his own part in the manipulation scenario.
I have NO IDEA how you managed to write all this without putting your two cents in.

I feel I must say I don't know these people, I only am reading and learning all the facts now, my impressions may be wrong.

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