Thursday, June 7, 2012

Going Down in La-La Land by Andy Zeffer

Going Down in La-La LandGoing Down in La-La Land by Andy Zeffer
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

No one is going to say they disliked this book.
You know what you're getting going in, a story about LA, star-fucking, and gay porn. If that's your thing, buy this book and read it, you'll like it too.
The narrator goes through many details of his life with a light breezy tone and interesting set-ups with payoffs. It was a fun book.
One thing kept this from getting 5 stars and it was for me a sense of detachment from the narrator. I felt like he was letting you in, but not all the way. A few things contribute to that, some not his fault. The version I read was badly formatted with superfluous hyphens in nearly every line which I found annoying, this is the Kindle retail version available in June 2012.
Next is I'm guessing for legality reasons he had to change a lot of the names. I am terrible at guessing games and couldn't figure out the thinly veiled references. I did get that Hollywood Windows is actually Hollywood Squares and The Voyeur is actually the Fluffer, but the last one I got off this website.
The last thing was that the author comes off as lily white. Others are doing drugs, not him, others have a problem with drugs, not him, others are perverts in for a life of porn, he just dabbles, even suicide is brushed off as "Whoops!". I got the impression he felt everyone was out to get him and he thought he was the innocent, which is part of the plot of the book I suppose but it's taken too far.
All this being said, again, it's good. There's porn, there's sex, there's Hollywood, there's fame, there's humour. A good read, I would read something else by this author.

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