Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Last day in Amsterdam

I have been deliquent in blogging as I get used to life back in Toronto. A lot of work to catch up on and keeping busy at various events.
I still haven't posted on the last day in Amsterdam. After this I want to do a post with a few of my dad's pictures for an "Alternate take" kind of thing, summarize this blog into an article for Fab Magazine for my trip, and order the pictures and put them in an album. You know, nothing big.
On our last day in Amsterdam we wanted to check out the older section of town. We took the tram, which was diverted because of a marathon which did nothing for our sense of direction, and ended up in a park with a very large dog:

After asking about 100 people we found our way to like 1 street with some older house with fancy decoration on them:

When we got back to the hostel, my dad had lost the key to his bags and was handed a bolt cutter:

Which was too funny. I wonder if he ever found the key?
A short 12 hour jaunt later and I was glad to be home. My cat was all over me like a cheap slut!

This weekend coming up is the Archives fundraising dinner which my mom is coming to, and Friday night is a concert featuring local musicians performing songs from the Rocky Horror Picture Show. I'm hoping to see the Anthony Goicolea photos before they close on Nov 2 before we hit the dinner.


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