Sunday, October 12, 2008

Paris Part One

I am cursed with lack of internet! And what's frustrating is I had it for about 5 minutes, then nothing.
Anyway, we took the metro in from the airport, it took about an hour and there were 100,000 people on the subway. On a Saturday afternoon. They must kill each other on a Monday morning. My dad said the trip from the airport took 5 years off his life.
Our hotel room is great, we have a huge double balcony overlooking a park.

We left our room and headed for the Arc de Triomphe. It was closed as I got us lost and we detoured an hour out of our way, but we got to look at it.

Then off to the Eifel Tower, the top floor closed about 1 minute after we got there but we went up to the second floor which was still cool.

I didn't bring an alarm clock with me so I got to bed at 2 am and set my internal alarm for 8:30. What the heck do you know, it worked and I woke up at 8:40! (My dad got up at 2 pm). So I found the Paris archives which is actaully a basement in the home of these 2 guys. Apparently they get no government funding so they rely on donations and spend their own money. Cramped spaces!

They were very nice and proceeded to give me literally more stuff than I was able to carry. I'll have to find a post office and mail it all back to myself as I was already over the weight limit on the way over here! I'm screwed!
We then went to the gay community centre which was having a book fair thing. They had one book in English and it sounded half decent and the author was right there so I bought it. Then we headed out for Chinese Food which they wouldn't let me pay for, and then back to the hotel around 6pm. All in all an excellent day! Here we are in front of Paris's oldest gay bookstore.

Now we're going to go try to find an internet cafe so I can send this. Good luck apparently, everything here closes at like 2 pm or something. Want to buy an iced tea? You have to walk 6 blocks and then all they have is peach flavoured in a car! Oh, mon Dieu!
The guys from the archives were super nice so I hugged them goodbye and they went limp, maybe that's not done in Paris. Gotta fly!
I am now in the internet cafe and the letters are all mixed up and it is VERY diffucult to type anything!

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