Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Thank you again, Canada Customs

Walking into the magazine store today, first thing I see is GQ with a topless photo of Rhiana:

This is an entertainment magazine so it is placed front row at eye level.
Also on the top row, above eye level with the cover obscured by a partitian is the new Playgirl magazine.

Here's a view from the back:

Notice the "printed in Canada" stamp on the back of the bag. So someone at the border with Canada Customs thought the GQ cover was fine, should be seen everywhere by small children, and rushed it through. Meanwhile the Playgirl cover was so scandalous a special Canadian-only mylar bag had to be added.
Let's see what was so obscene:

And the back:

So the front cover with it's two censor lines obscuring everything but the title was covering men's... faces. Faces.
I'd like to thank Canada Customs for re-inforcing the sterotype and confirming that in Canada, a man's face is more obscene than a women's breasts.
Happy holidays to everyone who isn't a censor.

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