Thursday, December 31, 2009

Verbal homophobic assault by postal worker

To Canada Post at


Walking home this afternoon, Dec 31-09, I saw a postal worker fighting with a man. I removed my earphones and heard the postal worker say:
"You fucking fruit! You fucking queen!"

To which the man responded: "You fucking drunk!"

The postal worker then spit on the man, which is considered an assault in Ontario. The postal worker then said "You fucking fudge packer!" and got into his mail truck.

The man said "I'll have your job for this!"

The postal worker was wearing his postal uniform and driving a Canada Post truck, license plate number 548 1NH. This happened at 1:22 pm today just west of the corner of Church and Alexander Streets in the heart of Toronto's gay village.

This was overheard by me and several small children walking by. Please contact me if you require any more details.

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