Monday, February 15, 2010

"Family" day

Choking back the bile on the way to work this morning. Not just because it's a holiday and I have to go to work, but because I'm reading about Smitherman adopting a baby. After kicking Giambrone while he's down and asking him to resign as TTC chair, this just seems yet another way that Smitherman's life adds up to perfection that none of us can achieve.

One hopes that if his house of cards comes down, let's say he gets divorced, his parents die, something like that, Smitherman follows his own advice and steps down as mayor instantly.

The day after the Giambrone scandal broke, Smitherman said:

"“It is clear that Mr. Giambrone is not in a position to commit that degree of focus nor provide the leadership that is necessary to get the job done for riders, workers or taxpayers. With those interests in mind, he should step down..."

So the day after his divorce, parent's death, or family illness, I'll be expecting Smitherman, who presumably at that point won't be able to commit that degree of focus, to step down.

And now I'm left wondering whom I can vote for as mayor who is not a bullying hypocrite.

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