Monday, July 11, 2011

Excuse Me, Would You Like to Buy a Bar - Bathurst St Theatre

The author of this play, Wesley J. Colford, caught my attention as a handsome dancer in the recent performance of Reefer Madness. I saw him outside Mickey & Judy, we spoke, and I decided to add his play to my already lengthy list of nine.
An attractive young cast that really commits to their roles and some great scenes.  Is this supposed to be a drama or a comedy though?  It felt like the serious scenes were being played for laughs, and there was some laughter, but then why were there serious scenes?
At the beginning two women are talking and then a Chinese xylophone plays and the two women forget who the other person is or why they were talking.  Then they suddenly start talking again, then again with the Chinese xylophone, then again with the memory loss.  Then the play moves on and never mentions the Chinese xylophone or the memory loss ever again.  What's up with that? Parts like that take away from the good aspects of this play.

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