Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Toronto Gay Pride 2011

Another amazing weekend at Toronto gay pride.  It's always a highlight of my year, and every year I am always astounded at how fast you get to feeling tired and run down in the hot sun.  I plan events for 10 or 11 pm every year and never make it to them as I'm too tired.
Sarah and I stopped off to see the Allan Gardens greenhouse near my place.
This fellow was the best of the TD boys.  I later found him on Model Mayhem.  Here's his profile, his name is Ives and he will pose nude.  Food for thought....
Here is gay porn star Marcus Mojo. I saw another gay porn star standing outside Priape for an authograph session on Friday night with a table and stuff to sign.  I took this photo on Saturday with Marcus just kind of lingering outside Priape talking to friends.  I don't think it was a signing so I didn't approach.
I loved this umbrella!
Here's Sarah on Sunday throwing a football.  No prises won, she made the first shot and then missed the next eight!
This I believe is a friend of my dad and Linda's named Jeremy.  He was moving pretty fast so this is the best photo I could get.
An action shot of David Miller mid fist-pump.
Drag royalty Miss Conception.
Canadian soliders on top of a jeep.  There were several more marching behind the jeep which was nice to see.
Regina, the Gentlelady, did a great set as part of Light Fires.
Here's a fun action shot.  I don't know why this lady had silver things covering her nipples as she wasn't wearing a thing down below.  I also don't know what this float was actually for.  Lesbianism?
One of the strippers from Flash gave a short show out front of the building.
You'll remember last year I was infatuated with this one fellow who stood outside the Stag Shop and shook his stuff.  I posted a video of it. Well this year I kept looking for him everywhere and I was determined to stand there all day.  Everytime I passed the step where he had stood I would glance over and let a little tear leave my eye. He wasn't there.
Sunday night I saw this fellow singing and thought how much he looked like the guy I remembered.
He sang very well and they introduced him as Nathaniel from Queer Idol.  I took a bunch more shots, growing increasingly sure it was him, and got this one:
When I got home I looked up the old photo from last year and it is the same guy.  Notice in the first shot above and in the shot below from last year, he's wearing the same pair of underwear!
I have yet to ask anyone to pose for me after attending the erotic photo workshop and I knew this would be the guy.  I was too chicken to talk to him as he was surrounded by like five women.  I would have had to say "Excuse me women - move.  Would you pose naked for me?"
I Googled "Nathaniel - Queer Idol" and came up with his full name and sent him an email this morning asking him to pose for me.  Yikes!  Now it's all I can think about.
Sarah found this 7 foot tall person who was wearing FLATS!
Sarah got a ballooon hat from this nice man who said he had been a clown for over 40 years.  It turns out the guy is over 60!  He looks good for being over 60 other than the fact that he has no teeth.
There were fewer naked men than normal and this was the best of the bunch for obvious reasons.  I woke up at like one in the morning and said aloud "I should have asked him to pose for me!"  He probably would have done it for free!  Unfortunately a Google search of "Naked guy Toronto Pride" did not turn up this fellow's contact info. :(
More strippers outside Flash putting on a PG-13 rated show.
From Sarah's camera, us with the Trojan folks.
And here's Sarah outside my house with her amazing balloon hat!

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Leif Harmsen said...

Haha. I searched for "Naked guy Toronto Pride" too and guess what came up? Your blog with a picture of me naked in it! Small world!