Tuesday, September 6, 2011

New York 2011, Day Three & Four

New York`s Transit Museum was my first stop today.  Built in a dis-used subway tunnel, the museum houses a lot of cool things but the best part was downstairs where they have subways from different eras, all with original period advertising.  Loved it!

Make the healthy choice and switch to Viceroy cigarettes. Speaking of which, cigarettes in Manhattan cost $15 for a pack of 20.
Face powder for that "Hollywood" finish, like on Lucille Ball!

I didn't know this was made into a movie.  I checked it out and people said this version was terrible and they preferred the 1974 TV movie version with Katherine Hepburn.  I'll have to watch that. Also when I saw this ad telling people to "leave those dinner dishes" it got me to thinking about how people took this a bit too far. It seems like this kind of thinking lead to the "do whatever you want whenever you want do" attitude we have today, no?
Perhaps I should try wearing a hat?
What exactly are "jumpy nerves" and how will this stuff help them?
 I love how this guy is like "Yeah!" like he's on the team.

 I think my mom was in this group.  Perhaps that's her on the photo?
"Slap down the Nips".  I don't even know who the "Nips" were.
I'm not sure what Gold Dust is, isn't it like a foot powder to stop itching?  So aren't they in fact mocking women with this ad, saying "Oh, sure you'll vote.  For foot powder!  Ah ha, ha, ha, ha!" And finally, is this is an ad for foot powder, why do they have two baby darkies doing the dishes? Oops, one last thing, is there a term for this style of racist baby drawings?
When I came in 2008 I took a boat cruise and saw these cable cars in the sky and thought they looked cool.  I later found out they are part of the subway system and you can get on for the same $2.25 as the subway.  This time I bothered to find them, they're the Roosevelt Island Tramway or something, and they go over the Hudson River and give a fantastic view.

My days get a little mixed up at this point.  Let's say I went home and had a nap as I still am not feeling well.  Perhaps it's the pollution or the humidity or maybe I do have a cold I don't know. Everyday here it's like in the 40's with the humidity and I come home every afternoon with my clothes soaked with sweat, I can't breathe, the only saving grace is the mornings I usually start off with renewed energy.
I don't remember exactly the order but let's say I woke up from my nap and went back to get Daniel Radcliffe to sign my other poster, the one for his new play.
I get there about 10 and the show lets out at 11.  The line is already two people deep so I'm in the third row.  This short Indian lady cuts in front of me and is stinking drunk.  She's ranting and raving, screaming Daniel Radcliffe's name, etc.  She says she's just there for a photo and she's short.  She says to me "Give me your poster, I'll get it signed for you!" and I'm like "No, thank you!" as I'm trying to dissuade her from talking to me or looking at me.  She finds out the people beside her are French and she talks in a phony French accent the rest of the time, screaming "Danielle!  Where the fuck is he!" and at this point there's the usual crowd and 12 police officers, etc. He comes out and I've been standing there for an hour and a half, even at 11:30 its still hotter than hell and I'm crammed against 500 other people. He comes out and this woman, directly in front of me remember, starts shrieking at the top of her lungs, "DANIELLE!  COME OVER HERE!" without taking a breath until a few minutes later he comes over.  She commands him like "Pose for a photo!  No pose better!  Sign my arm!  Try for a better photo!" which lasts for about 5 seconds until he gets fed up and walks away.  My poster has not been signed at this point and the girl turns around, sees it, grabs it off me, and now waves the poster shrieking "DANIELLE!  SIGN HIS POSTER! HE'S BEEN HERE TWICE!" Ah, good times.  Daniel does actually turns and gives me a little head nod but does not come back to sign the poster.  I was being pushed by 500 screaming girls and was trying to not have my poster destroyed in the rampage so I didn't get a photo of him from the front.  However I did manage to get some wonderful shots of the back of his head.

I did manage to get a photo of John Laroquette and he did sign my new poster:

And this is the poster he did actually sign from the night before.

I went down to a street fair at Union Square and then the Hell's Kitchen flea market the next day which turned out to be a bust. It was a junk fair mostly with stuff you couldn't give away except for women's jewelry and clothing.  And women's fur coats, I remember they had some nice fur coats.  Of course it was 100 degrees but if I was a woman I would have bought one. On the way back home I walked past Parson's, famous for Project Runway.

And I tried to find Mood fabrics but I was looking all over 38th street and when I got back to the hotel I checked again and it was on 37th, I had written it down wrong.
I did manage to find the High Line, a park that is converted train tracks that has a great view of the water.  The only this is I don't know what kind of plants were up there but there were a lot of them and they stunk.

I liked this ad with the water in the background: 
Also I thought this parking lot was quite cool:

Finally I made it over to the Christopher Street pier were the gays hang out on hot days.  It was sunset but there was still quite a few people there so I stopped for a while and read my book.
I got someone to take a photo of me.  Note the lack of glasses!

This is my room.  Note the Radcliffe-esque t-shirt:

And finally I bought a pair of sunglasses.  My first non-prescription sun glasses possibly ever.

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