Monday, September 19, 2011

New York - I Nearly Died

Back in the land of the living. After 12 days of being sick in bed I am back up.  I'm not feeling 100% yet but definately 70%, although I still cannot speak at all.
On my last day in New York I got up long enough to head down to Mood fabrics.  I was still very sick, I got there about 10 minutes before they closed, but I did make it.  I ended up walking past it about 3 times as it's under an awning and I had to cross the street to be able to find it.
There's an old-fashioned elevator there with an elevator operator working it who takes you up to the third floor. The place is massive, I had thought about looking for some fun fabric while I was there but there was so much there picking something in 10 minutes proved impossible so I just walked around and looked.
I don't know what I caught in NYC but I'm glad I'm near the end of it. 
One good thing that came out of it is I quit smoking.  I'm now on the patch.  At one point today I was tempted to try to lick the patch but that passed.  Smoking is so pervasive, I was sitting at my desk and thought "Something's wrong.  Go have a smoke and try to figure out what it is."  And then I realized that not smoking was what was wrong.  But it's right, the time is now, and I don't know what to expect when the cloud clears but I'm ready to find out.

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