Thursday, July 12, 2012

Letter to Children's Aid, re: Protestors

Children's Aid Society of Ontario

Protestors this morning at College and Yonge using their children as human shields.
Inducting a 6 year old into a religious cult and forcing them to stand in the hot sun holding a large photo of a dismembered corpse is child abuse, I don't seem how that can be debated.  I would encourage you to take their children away from them immediately.

At the very least I would ask you to launch an investigation.

If this was some kind of sex protest, and the child was holding an image of a naked person, the Society would intervene.  How is a photo of the corpse of a dismembered baby not more damaging to the child's psyche?

I ask you to act, and quickly.  I would be happy to help with any more information.

Adam Dunn

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