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The Legend of the Ditto Twins by Jerry Douglas

The Legend of the Ditto TwinsThe Legend of the Ditto Twins by Jerry Douglas
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Gimmicky, not believable, not exciting, not erotic.
This book is the fictional story of twins who fall in love and become porn stars.
It seems to be written to titillate rather than to masturbate, but it seems to sail along the line between the two and never really fits in either.
I feel too much of the erotic tension comes from the fact that they're twins, which is okay for the first 100 pages or so but grows thin.
Also lines like, after the first time they have sex, "Clark and I had become a single entity again, for the first time since the original egg split prenatally", don't really help.
To me, the point of erotica is the set-up and the building of tension. That doesn't happen here, so we're left with the fiction and a plot that really goes nowhere cumulating in a stupid over-the-top last-minute ending from Hell.
The lines frequently fall with a thud, such as when the then 21 year old twins announce they are "as ready for their comeback as Norma Desmond." Plus the book is full of Judy Garland quotes and "Hello, Dolly" songs, you know, like all the 21 year olds like.
The scenes with their one-dimensional mother are so cringe inducing, it gets to become so bad it's good, like Showgirls. The mother parts were a highlight for me by the end, as well there's a quarter of the book devoted to making a porn movie, something the author is obviously very familiar with, and that part was good.
The book is all over the map in general. The twins smoke at least 100 cigarettes during the course of the book, someone who is going to read it, please keep count; I’ve never seen anything like it. In addition, pornography and incest are presented as both art and a civil rights issue, respectively, whereas prostitution and drugs are presented as the devil's right hand, with all the moralizing of an after school special.
Steer clear.

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