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The Young Homosexual by Lee Dorian

The Young Homosexual by Lee Dorian
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I decided to digitize this book for the ages as I thought it would be a fun “Reefer Madness” style document on gay life. For the most part it was, but I found myself occasionally not just laughing at it and trying to point out the flaws in the author’s arguments which lessened my fun a bit.
I found many fanastic quotes and present a few of them here:

"Here I am," complains one college boy, "twenty years old, married, with a child coming along. When I run into my unmarried classmates on the campus, how can I help but envy them? That's why so many guys turn queer.
- I totally agree

THE SINGLE THING—THE ONE QUALITY—that makes the experienced homosexual a danger to the entire community is the remorseless recruiting that is carried on by homosexuals of both sexes.
- What is an “experienced” homosexual? Also I note I’m behind on my recruiting numbers this month. I hope they don’t pull my membership.

A discreet observation in the column of Dorothy Kilgallen, regarding the murder of a famous theatrical figure recently says, "None of the people close to him even guessed about his secret life, but the police now have reason to believe his murderer is on the high seas—" an obvious reference to the possibility that the man was murdered by a young sailor he had picked up around the Times Square section of New York.
- The author does this ALL the time, quote someone famous, for example he uses Ann Landers’ name about 30 times, then makes it seem like they said something anti-gay, when they didn’t. Also, is this one of those books in disguise, where it says anti-gay stuff to get past the censors, but in fact, if you’re gay and reading this, you’ve learned to go to Times Square for sailors while in NYC.

"Just straight sex is nothing," remarks a UCLA man during an investigation. "For real kicks you've got to make it with a fag, preferably a Negro fag, or have a hallucination. Pot (marijuana) or peyote (the hallucinating cactus) is the only kick left."
- Several of this author’s sources are things like “an investigation”, which I assume means his head. I can’t believe I’m refuting this guy’s crazy ramblings again! See what I mean? Also, hallucinating cactus???

The experienced lesbian does not approach a strange girl in a subway or even a bar. She sends out her scouts, in the form of other young girls who have been seduced into the Lesbian way of life.
- I wish gay men had scouts. *pouts*

By the time he was four, he was not only dressing up in his mother's clothes at every opportunity, but he had begun to be a young pyromaniac. Three times, he set the house on fire, one time causing considerable damage. One of the things the young boy slated to be a homosexual usually does, is set fires.
- ???

"Is the homosexual born or made?" Interestingly enough, while ninety percent of all analysts insist the homosexual creates himself, so to speak…
- This I thought was a good point. If they’re born that way, not their fault. If they’re made that way, also not their fault. So how to get around that and still blame the gays? They create themselves! Brilliant.

There are many forms of masturbation, and the alert parent should be aware of them. The child who likes to climb to the highest limb of a tree and clutch it in terror as he feels the branch swaying beneath him, is masturbating. The boy or girl who likes to "wrestle" a playmate is masturbating. Nose picking, nail-biting, bed-wetting and any habit which, says Freud, "has about it a kind of rhythm, is a form of masturbating."
- I need to go climb some trees. Stupid winter.

Like most homosexuals, I wasn't remotely interested in being changed—unless," on a rather simpering titter, "I could be changed into a woman."
- Now why the hell don’t I say more things with a “simpering titter”? From now on I am. Every time I speak, as soon as I find out what a “simpering titter” is, I’m using it.

The Court, in the same opinion, pointed out that to put a homosexual—especially a young person—in prison, is "a little like throwing Briar Rabbit into the briar patch.
- I laughed out loud at this one.

...of every ten girls who march down the aisle, seven are already pregnant, a statistic which would have caused headlines even ten years ago!
- Where is this man getting his information, a cereal box?

[if a man thinks he wants to be gay] he should spend an evening with a pair of homosexuals—one male and one female—who, because of their prominent position in the entertainment world, decided to contract a " front" marriage. At first one would be tempted to think, "This is great. They're so happy together. She answers the phone and talks endearingly to her girl friends; he answers the phone and talks endearingly to his men friends."
But hang around a while until both have had three or four Scotches and sodas and listen to the names she calls him and the other names he calls her. Watch her throw a Scotch-and-soda in his young, handsome face when he tells her, "You're nothing but a lousy c--- s---" and then sit beside her after he has stormed out of the house to go to his boyfriend, hear her say, "I try so hard to be a woman with him...."
- I laughed out loud at this one too.

All homosexuals are certainly not seriously mentally deranged. But we have found that all seriously deranged people are homosexual in that they are withdrawn, reclusive, narcissistic and masturbate to excess."
- That’s so crazy! I need to be alone now to think about this while masturbating in front of a mirror.

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