Friday, January 25, 2013

Smoking Vapor: Product review

When I was in San Francisco this past October I purchased the smoking vapor system.

The smoking vapor system is an electronic cigarette that releases only water vapour and was advertised as perfect for those wanting to quit smoking. I had heard about this product and they had samples in the middle of the shopping centre to try.  I purchased the deluxe starter kit for around $150.

I was told each cartridge would equal about half a pack of cigarettes, that 5 cartridges were around $20 and they would ship anywhere in the world for free.

Since stopping smoking I've been using this product and find some of the above claims not entirely true.

First of all it said each cartridge would be about half a pack of cigarettes. I find if you want to get a hit that's going to release your cravings, you need to open a new cartridge every day. I thought they would last longer. It seems like even having them open to the air reduces their effectiveness. You can still smoke them and smoke comes out, but you don't get the "ahhhhhhhh" release from them where it feels like a craving is gone.

Secondly the woman told me they ship anywhere in the world for free, which I believed as the box of five cartridges is VERY small. I checked the website, they offer free shipping to the US only and only with a minimum $50 order. They also changed the price so 3 packs of cartridges is now $49.50 and under the $50 shipping minimum. Anywhere outside the US is $15 shipping for any amount. So assuming you order 4 packs, this brings the price to $4.05 per cartridge or per day.

As such the price is too much.  I'll be going into the Toronto Hemp Company to check out alternatives. As far as I can tell, you really need a liquid nicotine that you can add yourself.

Also the idea that this fully replaces the feeling of smoking is a myth, so be warned.

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