Friday, February 1, 2013

Quit Me

I've quit smoking for 2 or 3 weeks now.  I'm not really keeping track of days as I don't see the point.  If it's something you want to continue for the rest of your life, what's the point of counting 2 weeks?

I find talking with other people about it helps.  After work is hard, the main effect of the drug nicotine is to artifically build tension in your body that is then released with a fix.  During the day at work the tension builds and then when I get home I could really use a release, artifical or not.  It's helping talking to my phsiotherapist at the end of the work day, getting time to vent and de-stress.

Another thing that's helping is talking to others, different people give different insight, some helpful, some not. One friend said I should cross the days of a calendar with a red marker so I can see how far I've come. Not really my thing.

Another friend I was talking to and said the thing that's getting me through right now is seeing it as a drug addication. He said that unlike other drug addications, there's no payoff.  Other drugs might get you high, whereas the only benefit from smoking is that it releives the craving from smoking.  There's no plus.  That made a lot of sense.

A lot of people ask me how I'm doing and I don't really know.  I'm not smoking.  Certain situations are still difficult.  I went to the archives for the first time since quitting and nearly killed every one in the place, for example.  But being home is mostly tolerable now.  I'm doing.

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