Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Putting Baby In The Corner

I went to see Dirty Dancing tonight. As I was sitting waiting for the show to begin I had several thoughts.
Why am I here, this is clearly for women?
I only saw the movie once in 1986.
Then I remembered a joke from the Golden Girls that made me laugh for the whole first act:
Blanche: Have you ever heard of Dirty Dancing?
Dorothy: Of course, Blanche, they did it in that movie.
Rose: What movie?
Dorothy: Laurence of Arabia.
It was well done, overall I'm happy I went. They had cool staging tricks. They kept all the corny lines from the movie. When he said "No one puts Baby in the corner" everyone went nuts. And one of the most important parts of a musical, the closing number, was fantastic. Overall an enjoyable evening. I, of course, could touch the ceiling. Cats I'm in the front row. Sheesh.
At the end of the month I'm going to see Little Shop of Horrors at the Can Stage, I paid just over $70 so it should be terrible.
Also today, this British writer guy I like wrote a musical in 1964 and I found an original program on eBay. I got it today and ripped the cover getting it out of the envelope, I was so pleased. It survives 43 years in England and gets demolished after one day in Canada.
My cat is playing with pasta right now. She needs a therapist.


1. The X-Factor - It's an American Idol spinoff with Simon Cowell and Sharon Osbourne.
2. I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Outta Here! - It's Survivor with British celebrities you've never heard of and Janice Dickinson. Hosted by Ant and Dec!
3. Doctor Who - Returns for a special on Christmas Day with Kylie Minogue!
4. Torchwood - Returns in January with gay hottie John Barrowman! Yum!
5. Howard Stern on Demand - I don't understand how he makes everything watchable, he really is the best radio host ever. His Ru Paul interview last week was great!

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