Thursday, November 8, 2007

Trannie Hookers/The Russian Mafia

A while ago I was reading X-tra, Toronto's free gay magazine, and saw an article about the trannie hookers union. It seems there is collusion over price among whores, one girl can bring the market down if she charges to cheaply. The article told of this t-girl who put an ad in Now magazine saying she would do anything for $20. So all the trannie hookers went over to her place and beat her up. The point is there's a standard and it doesn't matter if you're fat with no teeth and over 50, you can't just give it away.
This brings me to the DVD I bought off ebay recently for $100. I got it and the quality wasn't perfect but I was kind of mad I had to pay $100 for a copy of a DVD so I listed the DVD for sale saying I had 5 copies and went to bed. When I woke up all had sold, I made $225 over night. So I thought I'd chance it again and 3 hours later, the same thing, all were gone. It was the chance it again that's the problem, I got greedy. So then the Russian mafia contacted me and told me to knock it off. Bleek!
I have to sell my tv, I never use it and it's taking up a lot of space in my small apartment.
I was listening to Pride FM today, it was interesting, they were talking about charging people who infected others with HIV. I don't understand that, it's carpe diem as far as I'm concerned. What was interesting was the host said at the baths nowadays it's unusual for people to use condoms. What are these people thinking? Now granted I haven't had sex since... it's November now... carry the 7... plus 4... well a long time. Actually in my life I have had unprotected sex once with someone without discussing status.... maybe it just escalates from there? My dream has always been to die at 50, I don't want to compromise my chances.

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Anonymous said...

"My dream has always been to die at 50, I don't want to compromise my chances."

Okay -- we're making some long-term progress here. You used to say 40, so we're pushing back the horizon.

In a few years you'll realize that there's no finer calling than to be 97, sitting on the rocking chair on the porch, and complaining.