Saturday, November 3, 2007


I've bought a couple hundred dollar items recently, one was this picture:

By the incomparable Steve Walker. The other was a DVD of the Chop Suey Club.
Also yesterday something interesting happened at work. Some woman said "I can't be as straight as you are gay, it's your whole life!" To which I replied, "Please, I need an assistant to be this gay!"
This led to me talking to my boss and telling her some of the gay secrets. The problem with straights is you think you can tell them the gay secrets, but you must NEVER, because they don't understand.
1. The concept of bathhouses
2. Gay men do not use condoms for oral sex
3. All gay men have more than 100 partners
4. Gay men do not need the names of the people they sleep with
5. Monogamy is for straight people.


Anonymous said...

You have an assistant now?

Bleek... it's not me, is it?

Ula said...

Good words.