Friday, November 9, 2007

Russian Mafia 2: Czech Mate!

Have they found where I live? I went to my mailbox today and my "No flyers please" sticker had been tampered with. Someone tried to pick it off! Was it the Russian mafia? The flyer companies? Have I made a new enemy?
Speaking of enemies, McDonalds changed their salt. They used to have finely ground salt, now it's just the regular old table stuff. I plan on writing a letter campaign and starting a hunger fast in protest. Who's with me? (silence)
I decided for research purposes to check out an online hook-up site, Criagslist Toronto, to see if what I said yesterday was true, that most men now do not use condoms. What I did find is that most men don't mention condoms in their ads, which I'm assuming is not a good sign. I also found some great ads I wanted to share. Act now, these men are going soon! (What does NSA stand for?)

This one from Dipping Sauce - 26
"Stange post I know
But I love guys in Mcdonalds uniform
I would love to pick you up at work in your
uniform and suck your cock
no recip needed looking for
one time or ongoing
would love to spoil a guy from mcdonalds"

This one from Girly Feminine Male - 24

"A soft feminine boy who looks and sounds like a girl but is still a boy. Adorable, cute, submissive, and loves top, aggressive, masculine, dominante men.
Daddy's and big brothers are awesome and so is roleplaying.
I'm the boyfriend that looks like a girlfriend.
Cream pies, ass to mouth, are favorites. Loves cock of all kinds"

And this last one from Bi Married Male
"Bi married guy here looking to try giving oral to another guy using a condom for total safety. Also willing to get the same way and into making out. Let me know."

Act fast!

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Anonymous said...

That's... Actually me in those pictures. God damn you Google Images for finding images of myself. :/