Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Drafting Ideas

The problem with blogger is I'm like Prince, I get a million ideas at once. I don't do a blog for a week and then I do three or four in a day. Blogger lets you save them as drafts and publish later to space it out, but it all publishes under the same day. So for example if I publish a draft I wrote last week tomorrow it will show up before this one, no one will ever see it. What's the point?
Lately I've just been carrying around a thousand pieces of paper with me everywhere I go as blog ideas, in addition to the 1000 pieces I already carry. All ideas welcome.
I'm a little exhausted today, what else is new, but today I think it's because I had major dental surgery which is fun. I had a filling break, taking a piece of my tooth with it, so I had to go in and get a temporary crown. Later I will go back and get the permanent one. The dentist said if the temp starts to fall off I'm supposed to use Super Poly Grip to hold it on. These little injustices occur so infrequently, with so few milestones, they all run together. When was my first gray hair? I don't want to have to think of any more, it's too embarrassing, but the day I go to buy Super Poly Grip just wheel me away, I'm done.
Someone asked if I got rich off eBay. I made $922.95 according to eBay. It's all pointless anyway, $350 to the dentist, $50 in groceries, $75 to the phone bill and I'm left with about 10 cents. Honestly, I put $1000 off my paycheck and the $900 from eBay on my credit card, my available balance is only $1100. And I did spend $70 on books, but I thought that was good seeing as I saw the mecca that is the Gay and Lesbian Archives last week. I go back tomorrow, can't wait! Now when I think about buying a book, I think about how it's bound to show up at the archives and I can usually resist.
The three I bought are:
1 - The Happy Hustler - Published in 1975 to ride the coattails of "The Happy Hustler" this book is the story of a man who sleeps with both men and women and includes a nude centerfold, the first I've seen in an autobiography.

2- The Short Happy Sex Life of Stud Sorell and 69 Other Stories by Orlando Paris - Published in the 60's in pulp format, this is a book of gay poems. I read one in the archives and loved it.
3 - The World, the Flesh and Myself by Michael Davidson - Published in 1962, this autobiography has "humour in most of his observations - and observe he does: from WW1 through the rise of Nazism, the Scrubs, Morocco, Italy, England in the heyday '20's, people left over from Victorian times, class, communism, injustice and of course, beautiful boys from all over the world."

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